Marcelo Abadie — Game Designer based in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Ballistic – Aquiris | Rumble Games

Unity, 3D, FPS, App

Style: FPS
Engine: Unity 3.5
Target platform: Web Browser

A browser-based shooter (FPS) setted in real-world locations, the game has two rival teams, the MFA and the Smokes, fight each other for control of an energy source in modes like deathmatch, capture points, and king of the hill. Players can choose from a selection of firearms and skill perks as well as the ability to create customized loadouts.

Play Ballistic: here
Trailer video: here

My role: Community Manager
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ForAquiris Game Studio, Rumble Games

Gameplay Screenshot

Gameplay Screenshot

Gameplay Screenshot

Character Selection Menu

Character Overview Menu

Gameplay Screenshot